Inspirational Story & Contribution to the Sector guidance

Enter your details in the top of the form, this is so we can contact you about your nomination.

Select whether the nominee is an adult or child and enter their details. For children it would be appropriate to enter the contact details for an appropriate adult.

Introduce the context or background of their story – in this space give the judges a bit of background of the individual, so they can understand what they have gone through.

Describe their story – tell us about what they have done/are doing.

Describe how this is above and beyond what you would expect for someone with their difficulties or their age – tell the judges why you think they are inspirational, why they stand out from others. You do not have to have in-depth knowledge of other people’s stories to do this; just tell us why you are nominating them.

What do other people say about this person – give the judges quotes from other people, help them see it is not just you who thinks the nominee is amazing!

Download the entry form:

Guidance for other categories

Enter your details in the top of the form, this is so we can contact you about your nomination.

Select the category you want to enter. If you are nominating someone for a contribution to the sector, then enter their details.

Introduce your organisation or context of the entry – use this space to tell the judges a bit about the background of the entry, the location, typical clients etc.

How do you/they go above and beyond the expectations – this is not about comparison with other services, it is about how they ensure that there is maximum impact for clients, how they leave them with more than they would expect. It may be helpful to put quotes (anonymous are fine) or impact statistics in here.

How the work is innovative whilst also safe – this part of the form is about how the entry takes an approach that has an impact on their clients. The approach may not be new, but may have used client feedback or data to reflect on and improve the effectiveness. An existing concept may have been delivered in a creative way or new method. Another example of innovation entries may describe could be about the engagement or recruitment of service users, the approach does not necessarily have to be cutting edge.

How is this work sustained over at least two years – whether the nomination has been going for two years or ten years, this is the space to tell the judges about how it has grown, developed, overcome challenges over that time.

Download the entry form

Download the Mental Health and Well-being Awards entry form

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